Taste for Yourself

Discover our Story

Based on oustanding performence in offering globally recomended customer service thats got the whole country chearing and proud.

So. You’ve read the story, you’ve seen the great reviews. Now’s the time to join us at our factory for a tour and check out our unique teas for yourself – who knows, you may even be lucky enough to run into Miss Hilda! 
Located within walking distance from the cruise ship port in Downtown Nassau, Tasty Teas is located on historical Delancy Street and is open from 8:45am – 4-30pm daily (Including National Holidays). 
We invite you to join us at the factory for a complimentary tour (15-20 minutes), where you can expect to be welcomed by our friendly and knowledgeable staff, who will treat you to a brief overview of the rich history and culture of our colorful Bahamian bush teas & medicines. Discover for yourself the intricacies of our blends, as you learn about the different plants used for our creations. Enjoy a refreshing sample of several of our iced tea versions of our exotic blends.
Finish up this great experience with a browse through our boutique, where we invite you to purchase any of our fine teas and other Bahamian-made treats (jams, coffee, spices, seasonings, body products, etc.). All products have been carefully packaged with your travel in mind – everything is airline and cruise ship approved!
And if all this still leaves you thirsty, why not sit back and relax for a bit with glass of one of our ice cold teas – add a kick with a spicy splash of something alcoholic if you’re in the mood!